The Leading Valve Maintenance Company in the Industry

AHSTCO is the undisputed solutions provider for in-line, under-pressure valve maintenance and repair. We have the cutting-edge technology which is unprecedented in the field of valve maintenance. Our tools and equipment are  products of many years of research, testing and experience in this industry. Our valve care products are the most trusted and the most reliable option in fixing all kinds of valve issues. Our technicians on the other hand are well-trained professionals who underwent rigid training and numerous certifications just to qualify for the job. This makes us the industry standard in in-line, under-pressure valve maintenance.

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We are the Pioneer in the Industry

Our track record speaks for itself. With 20 years in the valve industry, the biggest and leading companies in the Kingdom trust only AHSTCO for their valve needs. Thats what it takes to be the major player in this industry to date.

We Produce Excellent Results

With our partnership with Sealweld Canada, we have the most modern tools and equipment and the most reliable and top-of-the-line products to get the job done. Our success is mainly attributed to excellence in whatever we do.


Innovative Projects Completed


Extraordinary Skilled Employees


Awards of Excellence